Artists, Apples and Accessible Errors

This post is very much inspired by Austin Kleon's substack format "10 things worth sharing this week". This post has four.

  1. I've been compiling some thoughts on talks I've been watching by Jenn Schiffer. It's a little rough, but in the interest of not getting caught up perfecting things I decided to publish the post: 'The Art of Jenn Schiffer'

  2. A colleague brought the toHaveAccessibleErrorMessage JestDOM Matcher to my attention this week. While I haven't dug into the code, it blew my mind that such a matcher was available for checking if you've implemented input errors in an accessible way. Ahead of any deeper understanding of the code behind the matcher, I wanted share it for anyone wanting a test to help them write robust input errors.

  3. I just finished reading/listening to the Steal Like an Artist Audio Trilogy by Austin Kleon. This book was heartening to read when I was feeling spent and out of ideas on how to move forward. It gave me lots of food for thought, leads for further reading and ideas for small things to integrate into my life. I ruminated on some of what I was learning from Steal Like an Artist into an earlier post, Begin Again.

  4. My home town is celebrating their Apple and Grape Festival where we worship apples and grapes by partying. My musician brother played a set. He's been working on his art for a long time, and I look up to him for persisting through the rough, rougher and roughest times I have seen someone endure. It's really great to see him play a stage at a celebration we would both frequent as kids.